Propagation Station, Luxe Monstera, Jade Stone


Propagating houseplants is simple with this beautiful propagation stand designed and handcrafted in Rhode Island.

Our propagation stand lets you start new plants in style, with the care they deserve. The base is made from hand finished mahogany wood over a strong engineered wood core. Every stand has three glass tubes -- each holding one or more cuttings or buds neat and perfectly submerged in water. Just lift the tube to check growth anytime you want without disturbing newly forming roots.

The acrylic Monstera leaf on the front adds a tropical vibe to any interior design style, from mid-century modern to bohemian boho chic.

Whether you’re propagating Pothos and Hoya, Monstera or Jade, succulents, or Spider Ivy; this stand is a perfect addition to your sunny windowsill, bookshelf, or desk.

Color: Jade Stone
Wood Type: Mahogany

This stand is part of our Luxe Collection. These designs require the most hand work -- with dyes, pigments, inks and prints being combined within cast acrylic to create the material for the Monstera front.

Each piece in this collection is unique, and limited edition.

Handmade in Rhode Island from: Wood, Cast Acrylic, Glass

With the glass tubes in place, the stand measures approximately 4.25" W x 6.75" H x 1.75" D.

Each tube has a diameter of approximately .75".

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